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Capture more outcomes, tell better stories

From first destinations to internships and beyond, get more students to share their wins so you can paint compelling pictures of ROI.


Get more responses, no begging necessary

You have better things to do than chase students around for survey responses. That’s why 12twenty surveys are built to get more outcomes on the first ask.

Customizable templates built for engagement

Whether you use our pre-loaded, standards-compliant fields or customize them, surveys are equipped with skip logic and auto-fill to simplify the process for everyone.

Survey-on-login collects responses automatically

Prompt students with a survey question when they log into 12twenty so you can collect outcomes without sending an email campaign.

Standard Reporting

Complete required reports with a single click

One-click reporting lets you pull all the required data for NACE, MBA CSEA, ABA, NALP, and other standard reports in minutes.

Keep track of outcome changes

The audit log lets you view any updates that admins or students made to survey outcomes, along with any notes, time stamps, and more.

Easily export raw data

Get the raw data for any report in Excel with a couple clicks.

Research Tools

Accelerate your students’ job search

Give students deep insights into the job market, salary figures, and interview processes with anonymized outcome data from past and present classes.

The most accurate salary data

Now students can find out exactly what salary range to expect based on industry, employer, graduating class, and other factors.

Understand offer timing

Learn when specific employers and industries typically extend the most offers.


See what easier career support looks like

Get a demo of 12twenty Career Cloud tailored to your university’s unique needs.

Outcome Data and so much more:
Career Services Management: Help every student get more out of your career center with a CSM platform that’s 100% customized to your university.
Experiential Learning: Speed up approvals and document students’ real-world experience across all departments.
Employer Relationship Management: Stay top of mind at the companies your students value the most.
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