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Raise your profile at any school (without raising your budget)

Attract more candidates from any campus at a fraction of the cost with virtual events.

Multischool Events

Reach more schools in less time

Multischool events let you connect with candidates at all your desired schools simultaneously.

Use the video platform of your choice

Whether you want to host the event in 12twenty or on Zoom, Teams, or another platform, we’ve got you covered.

Track attendance automatically for easy followup

You’ll get a full list of registrants — plus their resumés — so you can reach the right candidates after the event.

Engagement Analytics

Easily identify your ideal candidates

Filter attendees by school, gender, ethnicity, and other attributes so you can go straight to the students who match your candidate profile.

Find your most engaged attendees

See who viewed your event so you can identify the candidates with the most interest.

View across all events or a single event

Zoom in or out to understand which events performed the best and attracted the right candidates.

Candidate Messaging

Get more responses after every event

Keep the conversation going with candidate messaging that gets industry-leading engagement.

Go straight to candidates’ preferred inbox

Messages sent via 12twenty go to every student’s primary college email address so you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Track opens and clicks

Email analytics make it easier to follow up at the right time.

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More Hiring Data: Find right-fit candidates faster with verified demographic and work experience data.
Recruiting Intelligence: Make better offers with real-time compensation benchmarks.
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