How L.E.K. Consulting More Than Doubled Hiring Volume

Get an inside look at the specific steps one employer took to scale MBA hiring without sacrificing candidate quality.
October 17, 2023
“The ability to use candidate search to engage a wider array of relevant programs enabled us to build a quality talent pool that was larger than we could reach by limiting ourselves to our usual target schools outreach.”
Renee GoSenior Recruiting Manager at L.E.K. Consulting

When L.E.K. Consulting looked at their 2021 hiring goals, one thing was clear — sticking to their typical target schools wouldn’t cut it.

They wanted to double their MBA intern hires from 25 to 50 without compromising candidate quality during one of the most competitive hiring seasons in recent memory. That’s why they turned to 12twenty’s industry-leading inventory of high-quality MBA talent.

exclusive MBA program relationships
of the top 25 MBA programs
higher application rate vs. industry average

L.E.K. quickly discovered that 12twenty not only had a larger volume of right-fit candidates, it also had the tools to engage those candidates. Recruiting Manager Renee Go used Global Candidate Search to connect with MBA students who matched their ideal candidate profile, and Virtual Events to further engage interested students, no on-campus visits required.

The Result: A 124% Increase in Hiring Volume

In addition to exceeding their goal with 56 new MBA intern hires, L.E.K. found the right hires — 50 out of the 56 were given return offers thanks to their exceptional fit at the company.

A 124% increase in target candidate hires doesn’t mean much if those candidates don’t stick around. 12twenty’s extensive hiring data makes it easier to find the ones who will.

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